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If you’re a sports fan, but you’re not sure whether or not your favorite team has been at its best this season, then you may find a winning percentage calculator can find the answer. Use it to work out what percentage of games they won, lost, or tied in. Don’t get all caught up in the math. Let a winning percentage calculator take care of the hard work.

What is the Winning Percentage Formula?

Essentially, calculating wins is estimating a proportion of successes. Where there are no tie games, you can divide how many games your team won by how many games there are in total – including those where you were the loser.

The winning percentage = wins / games

Are you not sure how it all works? Let’s say your favorite baseball team had 54 games and won 48 of them.

This is how you work it out: 

The winning percentage = 48 (wins) / 54 (games) = 88 percent

How Do You Calculate a Winning Percentage with Ties?

If your favorite baseball team had a few ties in the mix, then the formula is not as straightforward, and may require a few more in-depth calculations. Essentially, a tie is a half of a win. 

The winning percentage = (wins + 0.5 x ties) / games

The formula uses wins, losses, and ties. Let’s say your favorite baseball team played 54 games, won 48, lost four, and tied two. You can work their winning percentage out using the formula below.

   1.	Identify their wins
Wins = games (54) – ties (2) – losses (4) = 48 wins

   2.	You know your favorite team won 48 games. Add 48 to half of the ties. 
Wins (48) + 0.5 x ties (2) = 48 + 0.5 x 2 = 49

   3.	Identify the total number of games, then divide the number you got by it 
49 / 54 = 90.7 percent

Your team won 90.7 percent of their games.

Is Your Favorite Team Worth Betting On?

Even though your team is quite good – winning over 90 percent of their games – that doesn’t mean they are worth betting a few dollars on. Instead of using a winning percentage calculator, you can work out the likelihood of betting success with an odds calculator. Why not give one a go?

Winning Percentage Calculator

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