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If you’ve ever felt the blood rush to your face as you try to work out a suitable tip for a hospitality worker, then you will know how important math can be. Every time you go to a bar, pub, restaurant, or any event involving someone catering to your every need, you need to know how to tip appropriately.

Fortunately, with the help of this tip calculator, you will be an expert in no time. You can learn how to calculate your tip, how to use a gratuity calculator, how to work out tips for a pizza, and even the cultural differences when it comes to tipping in other countries. In essence, you’ll know everything there is to know about tipping once you’re done reading this!

The Definition of a Tip

A tip, by definition, is additional money you give someone after they provide you with a service. You pay your standard product or service cost - usually dictated by the business owner; then you can spend an extra amount on top of that as a gesture of thanks to the person who serviced your needs. Typically, tip amount is worked out as a percentage of the cost of the product/service you received.

There are several industries where a tip may be expected, necessary, or warranted. In most cases, it’s customary to tip anyone who is serving you in a bar, tavern, cafe, restaurant, or almost any eatery in the hospitality industry. 

You may also consider tipping hotel porters who lug your suitcase up all those flights of stairs or pizza delivery boys who face the dreary task of delivering delicious hot food in snowstorms or monsoons.

Even hairdressers, salon workers, or anyone involved in personal grooming should get a well-deserved tip for a job well done. Don’t be afraid to tip anyone who provides you with excellent service.

Learning How to Calculate Your Tip and Choosing a Tip Percentage

It might not seem that straightforward to have to do quick percentage calculations at the table after enjoying your meal. However, it’s easier than you might think. Most people tend to tip around the ten to 20 percent mark, offering you nice, round numbers to work with while you calculate. 

When you are calculating 10 percent of your bill to get the tip value, merely move the decimal point of the cost to the left by one digit. With 20 percent, multiply 10 percent by two. Even 15 percent is not all that challenging. Just work out 10 percent and then add half of that amount. We can run through a few examples below. 

You dined at a restaurant with friends, with your entire bill coming to $280.30. 
You want to establish 10 percent of the total as a tip, so move the decimal point one number to the left. 

$280.30 = $28.30.

Then, a friend says no, you should leave 20 percent. You know that 10 percent is $28.30, so double that value to get the 20 percent figure. 

$28.30 x 2 = $56.60

Another friend tells you they don’t have enough change for 20 percent, so you agree on 15 percent instead. Take your original 10 percent figure at $28.30, halve it, then add the half onto the original 10 percent figure.

($28.30 / 2 ) + 28.30 = $14.15 + $28.30 = $42.45

As you can see, calculating tips for waiters and service workers is not as hard as it seems! However, we can show you another example so that you don’t forget! 

Your bill total comes to $47.60
You want to leave a 10 percent tip, so you move the decimal point one number to the left. 

$47.60 = $4.76 tip 

 It doesn’t seem like a lot, so you double the tip to 20 percent.

$4.76 x 2 = 20 percent tip of $9.52.

However, you don’t quite have enough spare change, so you drop it back to 15 percent. You take your original 10 percent tip, halve it, then add the half to the full 10 percent. 

($4.76 / 2 ) + $4.76 = $2.38 + $4.76  = $7.14

Now that you know how to tip and how to calculate your tip by hand, why not find out what else there is to know about a tip calculator?

How to Use a Gratuity Calculator or Tip Calculator

If you want to avoid the awkwardness of having to do math at the dinner table or getting a percentage wrong because you’re a little rusty, then you may like to use a tip calculator instead. You can use it for straightforward percentage sums such as 10 percent tips, or awkward ones that take a little bit more thinking. 

You can save a lot of time and get out of the restaurant far quicker if you use a tip calculator instead of trying to remember what you learned in math class. Follow these steps below: 

Locate your bill and type it into the billing field of the tip calculator.
Consider your tip percentages - such as 10 or 20 percent - then type it into the tipping field of the calculator. If you are not happy with the service, tip accordingly, but if it was exceptional, make sure the server feels valued by your tip. 

And you are done! Once the calculator knows your bill and the percentage, it will use the same method you used above to calculate your tip, but quicker. 

In similar circumstances, you can also use a percentage calculator tool. What’s more, if you’re dining with friends, you may need to work out who will be paying what. To do this, fill out the additional field with how many diners there are. The tip calculator will then determine how much each person has to pay. 

If you want to get more involved with your tipping calculations, then a tip calculator can be the ‘tip’ of the iceberg! You can also use a tip-from-net-price calculator which determines how much to give your server as well as the gross price of the net amount and tax value.

How Much Should I Tip?

As mentioned above, the “going” rate is between 10 and 20 percent, depending on the service. However, your tip can also depend on where you are. In fine dining establishments, you may feel you need to meet the caliber of the environment with a higher tip. You may also choose to tip less when eating at a takeaway restaurant. 

It can also depend on where you are, as tipping customs vary from one country to the next. In New Zealand, tipping is not expected or customary. Many cafes and restaurants have a tip jar at the counter, but diners and patrons are not expected or asked to contribute. In Switzerland, tipping is not expected, but it’s still usual for between five and ten percent extra to appear on the bill receipt. 

Then, in the United Kingdom, you would give a tip at a restaurant but not at a pub. In Dubai, the tip is already on the bill, but in Russia, it’s best that you give your tip in cash to the waiter to ensure they get it and not the business owner. Before you travel, it pays to brush up on tipping customs to avoid embarrassing yourself or the server.

Why Do We Tip and When Should We Tip?

You should now know the most acceptable percentage for tipping, as well as how to do the math to work out how to tip. But, do you know when to tip and why you should tip? 

It can seem strange to pay for a service - such as a dinner at a restaurant or for a cab ride, only to have to pay again by way of a tip. The reason for tipping - and why you should always tip in businesses that allow it - is because your service industry workers are generally not receiving a reasonable income. In that industry, most workers are on low incomes, relying solely on tips to “top it up” to an acceptable level. 

What’s more, tipping shows your server that they did a good job, you were happy with their professionalism, and you think they deserve a little something extra. If you don’t give a tip, you may even be seen as rude.

How Do You Tip in Different Services?

The structure for tipping can differ from one industry or business to the next. If you eat at a restaurant or cafe, you can leave money in any box, folder, or case the server gives you with which to pay your bill. 

If you want to tip a concierge, driver, porter, or similar, you can give them cash. However, if you're going to tip a cleaner or maid in a motel or hotel, you need to make it clear that the money you are leaving behind is for a tip and not loose change you’re placing somewhere to grab later. With the money you are giving as a tip for a maid, leave a kind note to go along with it. There will be no uncertainty about what the money is there for if you do.

Using a Pizza Tip Calculator: How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery?

When it comes to leaving a tip for someone delivering pizza, it can be hard to know how much to give. Fortunately, the process is made effortless through the use of a pizza tip calculator.

All you need to do is enter the ‘advanced mode’ of the tipping calculator, then find the option for pizza. You then get the benefit of further options such as splitting the cost between people based on an even split or how much everyone ate each. 

Type the total you paid for the pizza into the bill section of the tipping calculator, type in the tip percentage you wish to leave, and enter the advanced mode. Count the number of slices then input that figure into the relevant field. The billing price will be split between each pizza slice, including the tip percentage.

You may also like to identify the number of people who are eating the pizza, so everyone pays a fair amount. Up to six people can share the cost of one pizza, which means you can all generously tip the pizza delivery person!

How Much Should You Tip for Pizza Delivery?

As a rule of thumb, the delivery person should get at least $3 for orders below $20 and 10-15 percent if you spend over $20. If, however, you are catering for a party, you should try to increase the tip to compensate the driver for having to navigate their way through a field of people! 

What’s more, if you’re hosting a party, you may also like to use a pizza party calculator, so you know how many to order. There could be nothing worse than not catering enough food for the size of your event! Such a calculator can also ensure that such a method of feeding people is cost effective compared to others.

How to Tip in Spain

Spain is a fun holiday destination for thousands of people from the United States every year, but not everyone knows the customs for tipping once they cross the Atlantic into Spanish territory. 

Unlike the United States, tipping waiters and servers in Spain is appreciated, but it’s also not expected. The reason for the difference is that most Spanish waiters and servers earn enough money in their line of work to not have to rely on the additional tips from their customers. 

In Spanish restaurants, however, it’s not uncommon to offer one Euro per person as a tip. If the restaurant is particularly fancy, it won’t be frowned upon to give a tip of around five or ten percent. 

When it comes to cafes or heading to a local pub for a beverage, tipping is rare. You would never need to tip, and the closest you get to it is leaving the change when you purchase something. You may, however, tip a taxi driver for helping you with your bags, a porter at a hotel, a meal delivery service, and any tour guide services you receive.

Etiquette for Tipping in France

Tipping in France is not all that much different from Spain. It’s not necessary, but it’s appreciated if you do. What’s more, if you choose to tip, you will find that there is a service charge included on your bill anyway - so it’s like tipping twice. However, not all restaurants do the right thing and pass the tips onto their workers. If you would like to, you can offer an additional tip of between five and 10 percent for the worker. 

Leaving a tip in a cafe is, once again, accepted but not expected, but it’s more common in hair salons to offer additional money if you like your new haircut. If your taxi driver has done an excellent job, too, allow up to 10 percent extra as a tip. Concierges, porters, and tour guides also appreciate being tipped for their efforts.

Do You Tip in Japan?

If you decide to head on holiday to Japan, then leave all your loose change at home. It’s not customary to give tips in Japan, and some business owners may reject them. Most Japanese people believe they should always provide the best service, and should not have to receive money to encourage them. 

If you want to tip a tour guide, you can give them an envelope with money and give it to them with both hands. Alternatively, you can invite your tour guide for a beverage or provide them with a gift. No money needs to change hands.

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