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If you are looking to calculate the increase is between one number and another, then you will need a percentage increase calculator. This calculator can determine what the percentage change is between your original number and the new figure. However, if you want to work out the percentage increase without a calculator, you will need to know the percent increase formula. Below, we cover everything you need to know about percentage increases, decreases, and more.

How to Calculate a Percentage Increase

A percent increase refers to the increase between an original number and a final number, multiplied by 100. Work out the difference between the two comparable numbers and then divide the increase by the original figure before multiplying that answer by 100. For example, if you worked 30 hours one week, then 40 hours the next, you deduct the 30 hours from the 40 hours to get 10 hours. Then, divide the 10 hours by the original number (30) to get 0.33, before multiplying that figure by 100 to get 33. You worked 33 percent more hours than the previous week.

The Percentage Increase Formula

Follow this formula to work out a percentage increase. 

Percentage increase = [(the new value – the original value)/original value] x 100

Let’s say you earned $560 one week, then $790 the following week. How much did your income increase? 

1. Write down your original weekly income ($560) and then your second week’s pay ($790). 

2. Put the value into the formula – [(790 – 560)/560] x 100

3. Take the first income away from the new income to receive the new value (230), before dividing the new value by the original. – 230 / 560 = 0.41

4. Multiply the result (0.41) by 100 to get the percentage increase. You earned 41 percent more in your second week of work than you did your first. 

Broken down…

[(790 – 560)/560] x 100 
230 / 560
0.41 x 100
41 percent increase 

A percentage growth or increase calculator is an excellent tool for both straightforward and challenging problems. While you can use the formula above to work out your percentage increase by hand, you can also use this quick and effortless percentage calculator.

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