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A percentage difference calculator is not the same as a percentage change calculator. With a percentage change calculator, you know that you are working out the change from the first value to the second. With a difference calculator, you don’t have any idea about the direction; you simply need to work out the difference between numbers. Below, you can put it into practice and learn how to calculate the percentage difference by utilizing the appropriate formula.

How to Calculate a Percentage Difference

To find out how to calculate a percentage difference, we will use 50 and 60 as example numbers. The goal is to divide the difference by the average to work out the percentage. Follow these steps below. 

   1.	Find the difference between the two numbers (example: 50 and 60)
60 – 50 = 10

   2.	Using the same numbers, work out the average
(50 + 60) / 2 = 110 / 2 = 55

   3.	Divide the numbers
10 / 55 = 0.18

   4.	Multiply it to get a percentage
0.18 x 100 = 18%

You can achieve the same results by using a percentage difference calculator, or by using the percentage difference formula above.

What is the Percent Difference Formula?

If you would prefer to work out the percentage difference of two numbers yourself, instead of using a percentage difference calculator, the formula is as follows: 

Percentage difference = 100 x a – b / ( ( a + b ) / 2 )

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