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A midpoint calculator is a tool that appears commonly in geometry. People use it to find the center of two coordinates in the Cartesian coordinate system. However, before you go ahead and use this valuable tool, why not find out what the midpoint formula is and how to find it?

How to Find a Midpoint

1.  Label your coordinates - x₁,y₁, and x₂,y₂
2. Put those values into the formula 
3.  Input the values into the parentheses and divide each of the results in half 
4. Your new values equal the new coordinates, which indicate your midpoint
5.  Double-check the accuracy by inputting the same data into your midpoint calculator 

If the steps above do not make sense, then let us put them into perspective. If you have a line segment that you need to cut into two equal sections, then you will, of course, need to know where the middle is. To find the center is to find the midpoint. 

In some cases, you can use a ruler. In others, you will need to use a midpoint formula with coordinates of the endpoints for the line segment. You can define the midpoint as each section coordinate average, which then forms new coordinates.

What is the Midpoint Formula?

Your starting coordinates will be x₁,y₁ and x₂,y₂. To find your midpoints, you need to use this formula: 

(x₁ + x₂)/2, (y₁ + y₂)/2

Your new coordinate becomes x₃,y₃ which you can enter into the midpoint calculator to get the midpoint answer. You can follow the steps above or use the calculator.

What Else You Need to Know…

Often, if you need to find the midpoint of something, then you will have other things to calculate, such as the distance. Did you know you can also work that out using a simple calculator? If you have a straight line with A to B as your distance, it’s not a challenge to calculate that. However, what if the line has a kink in it? A distance calculator may be more valuable to you than you think, just like this midpoint calculator.

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