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Our brains can come up with funny questions from time to time. Have you ever wanted to know how much ice cream your cone holds? What about the volume of water a road cone can hold? You can answer such questions with a cone volume calculator. Read on to find out how the cone volume formula works and more.

What is the Cone Volume Formula?

As you will know, a cone has a circular base and a single vertex, so working out its volume can be quite tricky. To do so, multiply the base by the height and one-third. Remember, the base is a circle so follows that formula.

Volume = (1/3) x π x r² x h

If your cone has a polygonal base, it’s a pyramid.

How Do You Calculate the Volume of a Cone?

Let’s say you wanted to find out how much water fitted into a road cone. 

   1.	Measure the cone height. 
Ex: 12 inches
   2.	Enter the base radius information
Ex: 6 inches 
   3.	The cone volume calculator offers the answer. 
Your road cone can hold 454.4 cubic inches of water

You don’t have to use inches if you don’t want to! The cone volume calculator offers several measurement options.

How Do You Calculate the Volume of a Truncated Cone?

A truncated cone looks like any other cone, but with its top cut off. The cut is perpendicular to its height. The volume you’re looking for in this case would be frustum volume. 

You can work out the frustum volume by taking the cut cone’s volume away from the standard cone. 

Volume = (1/3) x π x depth x (r² + r x R + R²)

r = radius
R = bigger base

How Do You Calculate the Volume of an Oblique Cone?

If a cone’s apex doesn’t align above the base’s center, it’s an oblique cone where it leans to one side. You can use the same cone formula as above for an oblique cone.

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