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Try this area of a sphere calculator and quickly estimate all the necessary parameters of a sphere.
The surface area is the space that is wholly occupied by an object, the object can be divided into two parts, and they take up spaces that are as follows,

-Base area
-Lateral surface area

The top and base are excluded in the lateral surface area in this case. These parameters are used for shapes without edges and vertices such as cones, cylinders, triangular prisms, and pyramids. They cannot apply to objects with smooth surfaces such as spheres. Spheres have a minimal surface area, among all objects that share the same volume by isoperimetric inequality.
The Sphere calculator we have can quickly evaluate each sphere’s framework but the surface area is its priority. If your goal is to estimate its value, you only need to enter your quantity into the required field. However, if finding out the formula for the area of the Sphere is your goal, here is how to go about it.
 A sphere is defined as a 3D solid figure with a circular body whose surface is at all points equidistant from the center.

Our area of sphere calculator denotements

-Spheres diameter-d
-Spheres radius-r
-Spheres volume-v
-Spheres surface to volume ratio-A/V
The sphere’s unique quality is its low surface to volume ratio in contrast to other closed surface bodies with volumes that are certain. A Sphere is divided equally into two hemispheres.

Finding a Sphere’s Area

The person who first calculated the area of a sphere was a Greek Inventor and Astronomer, Archimedes. He realized that the surface area of a sphere is equal to the lateral surface area of a cylinder that has a similar radius as the sphere and has the same height and length as the sphere’s diameter.
A = 2 * π * r * h,
A = 2 * π * r * d, therefore d = 2 * r:
A = 2 * π * r * 2 * r
A = 4πr²,
This is a common area of a sphere formula.
You can find the area of a sphere with several different parameters if you don’t have the radius. 
Below are equations for various parameters:
1.      Diameter: d = 2r,
2.      Volume: V = 4/3πr³
3.      Surface to volume ratio: A / V = 3 / r.
Below are a few formulas we use to obtain the surface area of a sphere:
1 .      Specified radius: A = 4 * π * r²,
2.      Specified diameter: A = π * d²,
3.      Specified volume: A = ³√(36 * π * V²),
4.      Specified surface to volume ratio: A = 36 * π / (A/V)².
Our area of a sphere calculator enables the user to calculate the area in a variety of Units such as Imperial, SI among others. The units are shown for convenience but do not affect mathematical calculations.

Area of a Sphere Calculator

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