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Sweet or savory pancakes are some of the most delicious breakfast foods you can have. You can play with the flavors, try different ingredients, and they’re affordable. But pancakes are quite hard to make.

You have to factor in how many you have to make, ingredient limitations, and measurements. That’s where a pancake recipe calculator comes in. It can work out ingredient ratios and ensure you get the best batter for your batch. 

Read on to learn more about pancakes and using a pancake recipe calculator.

Pancake Recipes and How to Use a Calculator

Pancakes need flour, milk, salt, oil, baking powder, and eggs. If you are making crepes, you omit the baking powder. How much batter you make with those ingredients depends on your pan size. You also have to consider how many people you are feeding. 

You can use a pancake recipe calculator for a successful batch of batter. It helps you know how much you will need for each person, and how to make the perfect pancake.

You can also use the calculator if you only have one egg or a couple of cups of flour. It can reduce the recipe to suit.

Why Do You Need a Pancake Recipe Calculator?

Pancakes might not seem complicated, but they are. A lot can go wrong by having ingredient quantities be incorrect. Not enough oil and your pancakes stick to the pan. Too much flour and nothing binds. It’s a balancing act, with calculations being crucial. How better to combat the problem than with a calculator? 

The recipe calculator uses Jamie Oliver’s pancake recipe to establish the correct measurements. You can then add ingredients you like, such as syrup or berries. If you prefer to “wing it,” then not even toppings can hide bad pancakes.

The Pancake Recipe Calculator Creation Process

During the calculator creation process, we used Jamie Oliver’s recipe. Jamie uses metric measurements such as milliliters and grams. We changed these to cups for ingredients such as milk and flour. If you would prefer alternative measuring units, you can change them at will. 

You can use the calculator for both pancakes or crepes, depending on your needs. Americans often prefer cake-like pancakes that are fluffy. They then load them up with syrups, fruit, and other sweet treats. European people usually like crepes. Crepes are light and can be sweet or savory. 

When you make crepes, you need more flour and milk. When you make pancakes, you need less. If you only have a few eggs, enter that information to make the ratio with the other ingredients correct.

Why Make Pancakes?

They’re delicious, that’s why! Pancakes are an affordable, versatile, and delicious meal option. You can make them savory or sweet. A simple increase in milk and flour even sees them become crepes.

When you make pancakes, you also have options galore. You can top them with maple syrup to make them sweet. You can add fruit to make them seem healthy. If you go down the savory route, you can include deli meat and cheese.

You also don’t have to be an expert at making them. If you have the ingredients and the pancake recipe calculator, you’re ready to go.

Proportions for a Pancake Recipe

Recipes are all about ratios and getting them right. When you add too much of an ingredient, the entire recipe can fall apart. That’s why the pancake recipe calculator exists. It makes sure you get it right.

The original recipe wasn’t perfect. It always needed more milk. The calculator now includes 40 percent more milk to get those proportions right.

Pancake Recipe Calculator

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