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If you want to find a reduced price, a discount, where you can save some money, or the margin you need to add in order to make a profit on your product, then this discount calculator can help. This calculator can determine what the reduced price will be on a product. It can also be used in reverse order to discover a discount or an original price. Don’t find yourself caught short during a sale. Work out how much money you need or how much you will save with this handy discount calculator.

What’s more, if you are a business owner or employee, you can use a markdown calculator or a profit margin with a discount calculator to manage your costing. Learn how to calculate discounts below, as well as what the formula for the discount is.

How to Calculate a Sale Price and Discount

Calculating a sale price or a discount with this discount calculator is a breeze. Follow the steps below. 

1. Identify the original price. Let’s say you found a hat you like for $40.
2. Identify the discount on the price tag. The hat says 40%
3. Calculate how much you will save. 40% of $40 is $16 of savings.
4. Deduct the savings from the original price to get the purchase price of $24. (What a bargain!)

The Discount Formula

If you have used the percentage decrease formula before, you will see it’s the same! 

The discounted price = the original price – the original price x the discount / 100

What Else Do You Need to Consider?

Sometimes a regular discount calculator is not enough to satisfy your requirements, particularly if you have tricky calculations to make. You may want to try out a double or triple discount calculator, or even a percent off calculator. If you are a salesperson, you can stay on top of your funds with the useful commission calculator. There is something for everyone.

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