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If you like efficiency when you travel, then a drive time calculator can help. You can use this tool to estimate your arrival time and work out fuel costs. The calculator can also be useful if you’re traveling with friends or want to know when you should leave home. Don’t go on a road trip without bookmarking this drive time calculator.

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

An ETA, or estimated time of arrival, is when you expect yourself or someone else to arrive somewhere. Let’s say you’re waiting for a friend to come by plane or boat. If you cannot contact them, you will ask the company: “what is the ETA of ___?” 

The calculator estimates the average speed and divides it by the travel distance. It doesn’t consider unexpected events along the way, but it does approximate the time you will arrive.

How to Use a Drive Time Calculator

You can use a drive time calculator to establish your total drive time and your ETA. In the money section of the calculator, you can also work out the entire and per-person travel costs. 

You will need the following information: 

    	Kilometers or miles to travel 
    	Your speed – on average 
    	The number of breaks you take 
    	The time you leave 

If you are going to factor in costs, you also need to know fuel prices, your vehicle’s consumption, and passengers.

Your Travel Time from Home to Destination

Keep your family in the loop, letting them know your travel time. Let’s say you are leaving your parents’ house to go back to college.

1.	Know your distance
From your home to college, it’s 470 miles

2.	Know your speed
You are traveling at an average speed of 60 miles

3.	Identify how many breaks you will take
You’ll stop to stretch your legs twice for 10 minutes, and include a half-hour dinner break (50 minutes)

4.	When will you leave home?
After breakfast at 11 am on March 27, 2019.

With that information, when can you tell your family you will make it back to college?

Drive time = (the distance / average speed) + break time = 7.40pm (8 hours, 40 minutes)

You’re a struggling student, so you may also like to know how much such a trip can cost you. That way, mom and dad might chip in. Let’s assume you have an economical vehicle that offers 40 miles to the gallon.

The gas price is $2.83 per gallon, and you are bringing one friend to share costs.

Your total drive cost = (the distance / 60) x car fuel consumption x fuel price = $30.55.

Each friend would pay $15.28 each.

You now know how much to ask for from your parents and friend to cover fuel costs. If you are not sure what your fuel costs would be, you can also use a gas calculator.

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