Acreage Calculator

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If you want to measure a piece of land, or even convert land measurements between metric and imperial, an acreage calculator can help. This tool can help you to work out the space you have at your disposal, or the costs of associated materials to use in that space. You can use the 
acreage calculator by providing a length and width measurement, or a price-per-unit-of-area figure. 

Use this acreage calculator for converting acres to hectares and back again, square meters, square miles, and more.

How Does an Acreage Calculator Work?

To use an acreage calculator, you need to know the length and width measurements of the piece of land – either in metric or imperial. Once you have those measurements, the acreage calculator can then work out the total area in centimeters, meters, kilometers, miles, yard, feet, and more.

Working out Hectares to Acres

If you want to know what a measurement is from acres to hectares, or vice versa, then an acreage calculator can help here too. One acre is 0.4047 hectares, and the calculator will work out the results for you, saving you from having to do the calculation yourself.

Working out Acres to Square Meters

If you find yourself needing to work out the conversion of square meters to acres, or vice-versa, use an acreage calculator to provide the answer. Type in the measurements you have, change the unit, and immediately find out the results.

Working out Acres to Square Miles

One acre equates to 0.0015625 miles, which makes working out the math in your head nearly impossible. To work out acres in square miles, use an acreage calculator. Use the figures you have, change the unit in the drop-down menu, and get your immediate answer.

Acreage Calculator

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