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A brick calculator, or mortar calculator as some people call it, is a means of saving money. It’s more than a helpful tool. Rather, it is a way in which to ensure you have enough bricks for your building project without getting too many. Whether you’re building an outdoor entertainment area, a house, or a garage, let a brick calculator help you through the ordering process. Learn how this brick/mortar calculator works below.

How Many Bricks Do I Need to Build a…

The process to determine how many bricks you will need on your next building project is surprisingly complex. You have to know the area that one brick covers, how large the mortar joint is, and the size of the wall. The surface area of both the brick and the wall matter, but the depth and thickness do not. You can also provide the length or width or measure in square feet. 

You can then use this brick calculator to figure out how many bricks you need to order to finish the job and make money with minimal waste. The best part is that there is a slim margin that allows for broken bricks – so there’s less of a chance that you won’t have enough. You’ll get an answer for how many blocks you need, then another for how many you need plus your brick wastage allowance.

Using a Mortar Calculator or Brick Calculator

Every day, builders and project managers face the arduous task of trying to measure how much material they will need for any building site. Without a brick calculator or experience, it’s not all that easy to get right. 

What’s more, the risks of not getting it right can be substantial. If you ordered too many, you now have bricks you don’t get money for, and if you order too few, you have to get more and run the risk of them not matching the ones you have. 

The calculator requires six measurements, then determines the bricks you need, the waste, the total blocks, and even the price per brick to get the final cost. 

Let a brick calculator take all the stress off your shoulders. All you need to do is get your tape measure out, and the mortar calculator will take care of the rest.

Things to Consider

If you’re a bit of a handyman and want to get involved in all parts of a home renovation, then a tile calculator or concrete calculator can also be of assistance. Once you start the building process, you will have a very little waste at the end of it!

Brick Calculator

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